Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our first stroll around the neighborhood

We could not believe it!  I walked outside this morning to put the trash out and the outside temperature was COOLER than the inside of our house!!!  It is still August, right???  Anyway, we were thrilled and my mom and I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take Miss Clara for her first walk around the neighborhood!  (It has just been WAY TOO HOT to do ANYTHING outside since she's been born!)  Well, she loved it!  She cooed and squeeled at all the new things she was seeing.  Speaking of seeing, the poor child hardly ever gets to go outside b/c of the oppressive heat, so her little eyes were not quite accustomed to the brightness of the sun!  I remembered that my mom had gotten her some little baby sunglasses so we grabbed those and hit the trail.  When we first got outside (before we put the sunglasses on Clara), she wouldn't even open her eyes-she was squinting so hard!  I put the sunglasses on her and she was able to open her eyes and enjoy her surroundings!  She really seemed to enjoy herself!  We ended up walking to my Aunt Pat's house (who just lives a few blocks down from us) and visiting with her and a few cousins for quite awhile.  It was great!  We had such a fun morning!

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